Refund Policy

Quadrobits ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction.  In case we fail to provide the services or products you order on time and in full, you will get a complete refund of your original purchase. Ensure to read the terms or use and cancellation policy before you place any order with Quadrobits. Once you place your order, you agree to comply with every term and condition mentioned in the refund policy.

Quadrobits promises to offer a complete refund of your original purchase only if we cannot deliver the promised service or product. However, the refund guarantee applies only when the promised service or product cannot be delivered. If Quadrobits delivers a service or product as ordered, the client won’t be entitled to get a refund any longer.

Performance Disclaimer

Though Quadrobits always stands by the services and products quality that we offer, we do not offer any guarantee about the performance of your online business or website. Because the digital landscape is unpredictable and dynamic, it is almost impossible to offer any concrete or specific guarantee about the long-term or immediate performance of the services and products that we offer.

Therefore, regardless of the outcome, the customers accept that Quadrobits does not accept the liability or responsibility for the performance of its client’s online businesses and websites. We just deliver the services and products that are requested by clients at an agreed upon price and in a timely way. 

Let us tell you that search engine robots and algorithms for page rank keep updating and changing constantly. Neither we we nor any other professional digital marketing company has control over such changes. Therefore, we can’t guarantee our customers of any particular results and their refund claim about the same.

However, we guarantee you to always keep your site and its pages optimized according to the latest algos and using the latest digital marketing techniques. We know all the tricks and tips to make your business successful in the online world and thus, we offer noticeable performance for your brand.

Quadrobits engages your clients across the world for more efficiency and profitability, via your business’s digital transformation. 

For any questions or queries about refund policy, please contact one of our team members for clarification.