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Website Migration Services

Stepping in the digital world needs a new, advanced platform that can resonate with your potential business goals. This is where a website migration service can be helpful. Forget all the hassles and migrate your website flawlessly to a feature-rich and secure host or platform. If you do not migrate correctly, it can take away your visibility and ranking for months.

We offer specialized website migration services to get your businesses on any platform fit for your growth. From Magento to Opencart, Blogger to Shopify, and Squarespace – we can migrate a website to WordPress and your eCommerce store to WooCommerce. Our website migration process ensures minimum downtime of your website to keep your customers happy!

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Professional Website Migration Service

Do you know a website migration nearly always leads to loss of traffic for the website? Migrating a site to another host is a complex process. If you do not handle the migration process perfectly, it could be disastrous. That is where professional website migration service comes in. Quadrobits can handle all the aspects of website migration – without losing traffic in a hassle-free way.

Our website migration services and solutions include but are not limited to migrating to new platforms and hosting, SEO migrations, domain name migrations, and Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics migrations. Our experts have handled many website migrations for different types of websites and companies over the years. Thus, we are proficient in handling such huge projects. Quadrobits helps you in the process with confidence and minimum issues and headaches.

Quadrobits is happy to help you and will ensure that your website migration goes smoothly. Our experts can migrate websites flawlessly with professional planning and execution. The migration services offered by our experts start with planning their move, knowing every hosting service provider, and then executing the website migration process so that everything becomes simple and seamless.

Our Website Migration Workflow

We have a simple and flawless workflow for our website migration process. Our migration process guarantees minimal downtime of your website. When you migrate, we intend to take the hassles away and limit the disruptions to your work.


We start by defining the project scope and planning for every step. We aim to build a strategy that imitates your objectives and needed results.


We carry out various crawls of your website’s old version, analyze your server logs and backlinks, and scrape the index of Google. We do so to find out various possible URLs to redirect those to your website’s new version appropriately.


Our experts prepare actionable, clear instructions for the development team to shift every element of the website efficiently before launching the new website.


Our team checks if every URL was redirected properly to maximize the search potential of your website and make sure that the migration advantage you and the users of your website.

Our migration services are focused on laying the base for your success in the future. We ensure to consider your vital short-term goals – like maintaining search engine ranking and traffic levels. However, we do not stop there. Our experts take a well-structured approach that delivers for the long term – a successful website migration is just the beginning.

Wait no more! Migrate a website to a new, secure, and user-friendly platform or host with our professional, risk-free migration service.

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